Mandarin Collar Shirt | Short Sleeve

Product Code: YS21XA007



Mandarin Collar Shirt. Every wardrobe should include a classic Han-inspired short sleeve. This absolutely essential addition to your travel list as it works as both the base and top note of so many outfits. The eloquent and minimalist design leading to the collar is only offset by the highly ornamented rounded buttons running down the front of the shirt.

  • The collar does not use a button to close, relying instead on the weight and structure the buttons on the front provide.
  • The wide air vents on the side of the shirt include a slight extra material for a more modern take on a traditional garment.
  • The long design and barrel front make this an excellent travel accessory, so you stay comfortable and fashionable all at the same time.
  • 100%Linen

We highly recommend this Mandarin Collar Shirt as a signature piece in your travel bag to match with a wide variety of bottoms for optimal outfit choices. Visit our all products. You can learn more about Mandarin Collar here.

Size Guidence

Size Guidence

Please allow for +/- 2cm variance.

Measurement Unit: Centimetre (CM)

Care Instruction

Care Instruction


  • No bleach
  • Machine wash low spin cycle
  • Hang to dry
  • Warm iron only
SGD Singapore dollar