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Yishu Story

Yishu’s concept originates from the passion inherent in Chinese culture.  Every design incorporates the concepts of good fortune and blessings, bestowing serenity and tranquillity on its wearer. 

Our design team reimagines the glamour of classic costumes with modern styles that are appropriate for any occasion.  The design elements include Chinese calligraphy, ink panting and auspicious symbols from ancient Chinese culture.


Yishu Brand Pillars


From the inception of the design, to the choice of fabric, colour and style, Yishu’s design is derived from an ideal Chinese traditional costume integrated with modern elements suitable for today’s lifestyle. This created an elegant collection of culturally enriched and artistically tasteful fashion


Every garment is hand tailored by our team of dedicated artisans using traditional hand-cutting methods.  Our craftsmen and artisans are expertly trained to ensure the highest standard of quality in every garment.  Each item is hand-finished in accordance with key design principles, using time-honoured tailoring techniques. 


Yishu are dedicated to tradition, heritage, inheritance, and symbolism. Each of their designs draws from the most basic roots of Chinese culture, beginning with fabric. Cotton and linen have been the core ingredients in Chinese garment production for over 5000 years.


Yishu designs draw inspiration from ancient cultural heritage and the natural elements. Like a leaf in the wind, when worn, Yishu’s designs organically react to the fluidity, freedom, functionality, instincts and comfort of each individual.