Hanfu Crew Neck Shirt | Modern Hanfu Crew Neck Shirt

Product Code: YS21XA002



Hanfu Crew Neck Shirt. This is an excellent blending of traditional Asian rural communities with high society lines and hemming that speak to a more modern taste. The classic neckline and natural buttons emphasize a more naturally inclined wearer, while the cuffed long sleeves use a single button to lift the garment off of your wrists.

  • Made with quality linen materials for an added sense of comfort that breathes well even on warmer days.
  • The rounded bottom of the shirt and neutral coloring allows for high versatility with numerous outfits.
  • An excellent travel top for matching and essential addition to your wardrobe.

This allows you to accessorize with timepieces and other jewelry without losing the overall shirt style. If you like our Hanfu Crew Neck Shirt then you can also visit our all products. You can learn more about Hanfu here.



  • No bleach
  • Machine wash low spin cycle speed(600rpm)
  • Hang to dry
  • Warm iron only
Size Guide

Size Guide

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