Every garment created by Yishu hearkens back to China’s traditional cultural costumes. Every seam is expertly stitched and our materials are carefully chosen. Our materials are sumptuous and evocative of not only China’s history but of its future.

Yishu’s concept originates from the passion inherent in Chinese culture. Every design incorporates the concepts of good fortune and blessings, bestowing serenity and tranquility on its wearer.

Our design team reimagines the glamour of classic costumes with modern styles that are appropriate for any occasion. The design elements include Chinese calligraphy, ink panting and auspicious symbols from ancient Chinese culture.



Preserving artisanal authenticity and high
quality standards during factory production
inspired Yishu to use traditional methods made
popular during the Italian Renaissance that
successfully bridge the gap between factory
efficiency and time consuming hand tailoring.



Yishu designs draw inspiration from ancient
cultural heritage and the natural elements. Like
a leaf in the wind, when worn, Yishu’s designs
organically react to the fluidity, freedom,
functionality, instincts and comfort of each



Yishu are dedicated to tradition, heritage,
inheritance, and symbolism. Each of their
designs draws from the most basic roots of
Chinese culture, beginning with fabric. Cotton
and linen have been the core ingredients in
Chinese garment production for over 5000



Traditionally, Chinese ink painting was used not
to reproduce the appearance of a subject, but
to capture its spirit. The ink’s uses have earned
it the top status within the realm of Chinese
painting. When applied to fabrics, ink infuses
Yishu’s fashion with self confidence,
personality, and an independent spirit all the
while paying homage to ancient Chinese
aesthetic standards.


Marcus Lu
Chief Designer

Marcus Lu is a graduate of Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo, Japan. Prior to establishing his own men’s fashion line, Lumarcus, Marcus worked for a renowned designer label, Issey, Miyake, in Japan. Marcus has also created Allure Noir, one of the most successful brands in Singapore
As a founder of Yishu, Marcus emphases product creativity and corporate strategy with traditional Chinese costumes. Marcus has travelled widely throughout China and India to follow his fondness for Buddhist Meditation – a philosophical approach which provides clarity and broadened horizons. A key principle is simplicity, in life, in nature, and this reflected in his cotton and linen apparel series. Marcus’ passion is refining Asian costumes for 21st century lifestyle.

He Jie
Custom Designer

He Jie is a graduate of Jining Institute of Technology in Nanjing, China. Her post-graduate study was at Donghua University, Shanghai. Passionate about fashion design, Jie blends original oriental culture into her designs.
By incorporating a modern flair whilst still reflecting the traditional Chinese culture, she gives designs a cosmopolitan touch. jie loves to share her creativity with fashion lovers and greatly appreciates the support and recognition which her work has received.

Zi-xuan Huang
Custom Designer

Zi-Xuan is a graduate of Bunka Fashion College in Japan, where he was tutored by the acclaimed fashion design master, Mitsue Kadota. Zi-xuan’s objective is to achieve the aesthetic balance between fantasy and realism. Simplicity and comfort are key elements of his creations.
Zi-xuan believes that a garment portrays the soul of the body, reflecting each individual’s unique style of existence.