Crew Neck Hanfu Shirt | 100% Cotton

Product Code: YS21XA008



Crew Neck Hanfu Shirt. Even though the perfect hem work makes this eloquent shirt appear to be a button-up, this is a pullover. The stitched lines lead up to three stone cylinder buttons offset by their angles and modern design. This is a real fashion-forward piece that honors the structure and elements of traditional Asian culture while also tilting it on its head a bit with modern designs that will speak to a more affluent taste

  • The sleeves are a 3/4 length, allowing the wearer to showcase jewelry, timepieces, and other adornments.
  • The rounded color and curved air vents present a more untraditional convention.
  • The collar includes a four-level hemline that adds a subtle nod towards higher quality craftsmanship
  • 100%Cotton

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Size Guidence

Size Guidence

Please allow for +/- 2cm variance.

Measurement Unit: Centimetre (CM)

Care Instruction

Care Instruction


  • No bleach
  • Machine wash low spin cycle
  • Hang to dry
  • Warm iron only
SGD Singapore dollar